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I am Akkiraju Bhattiprolu.   Currently (as of  2009)  I live and breath in the beautiful city of Hyderabad, India.

image I hailed from remote villages near Bhadrachalam.  My dad worked as a school teacher in those villages.   We used to move from village to village with him and his transfers.   Some villages did not even have decent transportation or electricity those days.   Its amazing how we have survived those days without even a decent doctor anywhere within the radius of 30 kms.

I have done my bachelor of  science (BSc) from Andhra Loyola College, Vijayawada.   I then did my masters in computer applications (MCA) from University Of Hyderabad.

I am currently working hard to start a new product development organization YAssume from Hyderabad.   I am one of the co-founders of this company.  

Earlier I worked for ADP India as a senior manager.     Before returning back to India in 2004, I lived and worked in California for close to 8 years.  I worked for PeopleSoft USA and wrote the reporting and analytical tools.   Having worked for PeopleSoft and now with ADP,  I have become proficient with  enterprise level applications and services.    I have first hand experience with  Datawarehousing, reporting and Business Intelligence domain.

As a programmer, I wrote zillions of lines of C++ code.   The amount of code I write now has come down significantly as I started playing managerial and leadership roles.   Interestingly enough, the focus on SDLC and working models comes to forefront in India.  That  forced me to learn formal estimation models, certifications, quality management systems, CMM  and a lot of similar new vocabulary to survive in India.    Agile is what  I found something that is a relief in this entire noise.

More about my professional career at linkedn.

On personal front, I am married to Swarna who works for Franklin Templeton Hyderabad.  My daughter Bhavana (2000 born) studies in Chirec Public School Hyderabad.

I am an ardent fan of literature especially the Telugu literature.   I am also an armature Telugu Short story writer.   All my Telugu ramblings along with my published stories can be found at http://after3beers.com/teluguhome/

Drop me a mail if you want get in touch with me : akkirajub@gmail.com

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