What Is After3Beers?

Welcome to After 3 Beers

Thank you for visiting my virtual home.   While I am not sure how this site is going to grow from here, at this time I am intending to keep this everything related to me, professional, personal,  interests & literature!

To Take A Guess….

you could be my unfortunate friend that I successfully lured/bribed you to visit this site.
You could be my relative and if not too ashamed of me in the family, visiting this site to see if I ever learned anything.

You could be my sorry colleague past or present,  Perennially hoping to see me talk sense one day and trying to see if there is any here.

If you are none of those above, must consider yourself really unlucky.  Or you may be really insane! 

Whoever You Are…  You Can Expect….

My ramblings about my professional career.  Hoping to pen and share my experiences, opinions and knowledge (if any) that I acquired in my relatively long career in the s/w industry.  They could cover any or more of technology, processes, people management, market and etc..
Pages of my little family, friends and my travels!

Hoping to make this my single point collection of all my amateurish Telugu writings ever published.  Hoping to maintain a active Telugu blog primarily focusing Telugu literature and prevailing Telugu/Indian life around.
On the whole this is going to be my place where I am going to shamelessly open my big mouth, exhibit and canvas my infinite ignorance!  Have a great stay…

But Why This Name “After 3 Beers”?

Wouldn’t the world want to take little more honesty and little less hypocricy?  I named my first published Telugu story “???? ????? ??????”  which traslates to After 3 Beers.  Its about an impatient Indian s/w Engineer working in California.  How he blabers after having 3 beers with utmost disregard to everyone around exposing the utter hypocrisy that prevailed in NRI S/W community in CA.

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