Applying Systematic Innovation to Customer Development

Here is the slide deck I used during my talk at AgileTour 2013 Hyderabad.

Here is the abstract of the session

Lean Startup model teaches us how to make a beginning in  conditions  of extreme uncertainty.   The concept of  Minimum Viable Product (MVP) and Leap Of Faith Assumptions are devised to keep the validated learning as the main objective.   What follows is the Customer Development  which is all about identifying the customer and collecting the right feedback to course correct. In real world situations it is common that the feedback collected can be overwhelming and  daunting.   Systematic Innovation is a set of tools that can be used to prioritize and pick the right feedback to work on.   Systematic Innovation also helps us on how to generate ideas, how to design experiments and more.  This 45 minutes lecture quickly introduces how to marry these two Lean Startup and Systematic Innovation.


Nov 30, 2013

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