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Why do you promote RDBMs?

(Originally posted on my linkedin on Sep 8, 2017) Following is based on a true conversation… Smarty Pants (SP) : Akki, which is better? RDBMS or No-SQL? Me : Which solution are you building? SP : This is an enterprise … Continue reading

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Why did you name it ‘Lean Startup’ Eric Ries?

If I have to bump into Eric anywhere, that is what I want to ask him.  Trust me, it’s not just an academic nitpicking.   I am witnessing some practical disservice this name is doing to the wonderful and pragmatic approach, … Continue reading

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How critical it is to be adaptive?

(Following is the gist of what I spoke at  Hyderabad Startup Saturday on Sep 14, 2013) Lets start with a seemingly unrelated question.  Where would be household refrigerator manufacturers be investing now? In 19th century it was ice-trade a huge … Continue reading

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Inviting Proposals For Lean Startup Stage

Agile India 2012 is going to be the Asia’s largest Agile conference. It is the first Agile Alliance conference to be held outside North America. The conference is taking a great shape with some wonderful stages. Lean Startup is one … Continue reading

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