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Why did you name it ‘Lean Startup’ Eric Ries?

If I have to bump into Eric anywhere, that is what I want to ask him.  Trust me, it’s not just an academic nitpicking.   I am witnessing some practical disservice this name is doing to the wonderful and pragmatic approach, … Continue reading

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Innovation Without Ownership?

(As I mentioned in one of my earlier blogs, Vinay has been my thinking partner on Innovation.  Most my thoughts related to Innovation builds on our common understanding of the subject.). What is the first step to Innovate?   “Opportunity Identification”  … Continue reading

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Are We Trustworthy?

I gave a 3 minute lightening talk at Agile Coach camp at Goa.   These were the quick thoughts I gathered and delivered.  Following is probably a little more elaboration of those thoughts. In all honesty, I want to be proved … Continue reading

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Corporate Ethics

Recently I had this opportunity to be part of a group discussion.  Its an honour, a reputed university invited me to be part of the discussion.   Senior and established academicians at one side.  Highly  accomplished IT industry professionals at the … Continue reading

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